My Background

I am ethnically Indian, raised in Hong Kong, cultivated in Paris, a British passport holder and married to an Aussie – and I have had the great joy and privilege of working with, connecting to and meeting people of all walks of life, cultures, ages, backgrounds, careers, and life aspirations.

My drivers are altruistic and collaborative, directed at working with and for others empowerment and potential.

Through experience, I have the discipline of a Corporate Executive (Richemont, Aman), the agility, mindset and creativity of an Entrepreneur (Song Saa, naked Hub, LuxecityGuides) and the heart of a Philanthropist (HK Lit Festival, The Zubin Foundation, United Colours of Hong Kong).

I am here to listen, understand and play a role to serve you.

What I care about

– Value based businesses that dream big and execute diligently.
– Building the brand reality first and then the image – genuine marketing.
– Connectivity and technology and the dynamic, far-reaching ways we can scale ideas.
– Collaborating with and connecting diverse talents to make great things happen.
– Storytelling with intent and meaning.
– Celebrating and learning from great pioneers, thinkers, doers, and innovators.
– Living, thinking and being the change we want to see.
– Travel as a way to open our minds, inspire and cross pollinate.