Scope of work

What I do

I have played the role of the producer, the director, the star and the star’s assistant (sometimes at the same time, on the same project). I am here to listen, understand and play a role to serve the client’s best interest at various stages of a brand’s journey.

Who for

Hospitality, Lifestyle and Start-up Businesses

What I do

Brand Marketing

– Public Relations
– Digital & Content Marketing
– Agency Management
– Global Partnership Alignment (Agency and Freelance)
– Internal Organization, Communications, Systems Set up and Training
– Blueprint for Brand Best Practices and Standards
– Project Management

Why me

What people I have worked with say

Experienced, effective stakeholder management, professional, high level PR and Communication skills, thoughtful, reliable, high integrity, committed, dynamic, impressive network, passionate, good team training, detail-orientated, resourceful, honest, open-minded, organized, systematic, and results driven.

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My network

Agency and Freelancer Network

– Digital Experts
– Copywriters
– Photography
– Video
– Graphic Designers
– Architects

– Developers
– PR and Brand Agencies
– Web Developers
– Interior Designers
– Procurement Agencies
– Journalists