Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching for Women (22-32 years old)

Program Details

Selected through an application process to receive 4 sessions of Professional Coaching by Anjali Nihalchand over the course of 8 weeks. Each session is up to 60 minutes and are conducted online.


What is Coaching?

Helping you do what you need to do, to be who you want to be


Helping you be who you want to be so you can do what you want to do

As coaches, we believe you have the answers and through a thoughtful, attentive listening and conversational process, we help tease out from you the insight that lies within you to create your desired outcome.

Coaching is a profession bound by training, confidentiality, equality, respect and a Code of Ethics.

What Coaching is not

  • Giving advice or answers to problems
  • Quick-fix solutions
  • Therapy or counselling
  • Mentorship (this can be discussed as a separate relationship)
  • Access to a professional network

Areas of Coaching

  • Career Development & Transition
  • Wellbeing
  • Relationships (professional, social and family)
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Something you have but do not want

I am a big procrastinator in most things with a deadline

  • A need for a problem to go away

I want to stop experiencing conflict with my colleague

  • The result of achieving a developmental goal

I want to feel more stress-free and energetic in life

  • Something you want but do not have

I want to have relevant work experience before I graduate so I am confident about getting a job when I finish University

The Process

Through a series of collaborative, relational and conversational sessions we will identify and discuss topics, desired goals, and potential or problem areas you wish to focus on. We will prioritize the most important through tools, and a series of questions. We will explore different realistic options and goals and together develop and agree to actions to help you activate your journey to your desired outcome.


  • I have undergone the Professional Coach Certification through Transcend which is recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and European Mentor & Coaching Council (EMCC), the most globally recognised credentialing organisations. I have completed Module 1 and 2 and can practice as a Professional Coach while I finish the course credits to get the formal accreditation through ICF. I have conducted 27 hours of Coaching.

  • 4 decades of life experience (cross-cultural)
  • 16 years in Global Hospitality and Lifestyle as a Marketing  and Communications  Leader 
  • 7 years as a self-employed Brand, Project and Marketing Consultant (Pollination Projects)
  • MBSR Program conducted by Dr. Peta McAuley 
  • Power of Awareness Program by Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield
  • A 10-year meditation practice
  • Advisor to The Zubin Foundation
  • Mentor to the Desi Friendship Circle
  • EM Diversity List Representative (Women’s Voices) for Government Committees
  • Advocate for gender and racial equality
  • Founder of #United Colours of Hong Kong

“As women, and particularly as South Asian women, we go through a different set of external and internal expectations and pressures in life and work. I, too, have been on a journey navigating cultures, identities, professions, and myself. I could not have done this alone and I am grateful for the many people, resources and tools that have guided, coached and mentored me along the way. They have saved me from losing myself, and helped me focus on a successful career path, fulfil my financial, family and cultural responsibilities, remain emotionally and physically robust, and honour my personal aspirations, interests and goals. My desire and intention are to pay this forward to empower you to be your best self and to do your best work.”