The Zubin Foundation

The Zubin Foundation

The Zubin Foundation is a social policy think-tank and a registered charity in Hong Kong. Its mission is to improve the lives of Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities by working on injustice and inequality. The foundation is among the city’s most accomplished and recognised on issues related to ethnic minority welfare. The foundation has conducted research and executed projects in the areas of visibility, education, youth and women and girls by engaging stake holders in the community such as corporates, NGO’s and the government as well as leaders in the ethnic minority community.


Key Initiatives and Programs:

  • Children with Special Needs in Public Schools
  • Call Mira – helpline in Hindi/Urdu
  • Opportunity Bank – match professional needs of EMs with resources
  • Diversity List – nominating high calibre EMs to represent on Govt. and Advisory boards
  • Youth: Helping the youth feel included
  • Lobbying – Research, Town Halls, Policy Submissions and Government Engagements

My Key Contributions and Initiatives:


It has been a great privilege to become an advocate and committee member of TZF and contribute in varying capacities to our community:


  • Vice Chairperson of the Fundraising Committee 2019 – that we raised over HK$1.5 Million
  • Fundraising committee member (3 years until 2022)
  • Desi Friendship Circle (Mentor to young female EM Mentees)
  • Trainer at Youth Workshops (Business Etiquette and Communications Style)
  • SEA Change Programme (Speaker, Marketing/PR advisor)
  • General TZF volunteer/advisor/advocate since 2017
  • Diversity List Candidate – Women’s Voices
  • Project lead and producer for:


Indirect contribution to TZF/Community:


  • Event Organisation
  • Organization; Internal Marketing Systems, Processes & SOPs
  • Partner Alignment