Trina Dingler Ebert

Trina Dingler Ebert

Former Group Executive Director of Amanresorts

Anjali worked with me from October 2003 for 11 years as an integral team member of the media communications department of Amanresorts. Her strategic approach in working with the media and her colleagues in marketing, together with her passion for the brand, were extremely instrumental in the successful positioning of Amanresorts as the benchmark in luxury hospitality.

She worked well under pressure, was responsible in meeting deadlines and was exact in her detail. In her position as Director of Communications she served as the central point of contact for eight external media agencies navigating them through crafted information for all 26 Amanresorts. In addition she guided the internal media team in the execution of coverage for parts of Asia and emerging markets. The successful coverage achieved is a testament to her valuable efforts in promoting the brand and individual properties.

On a personal note, Anjali is a caring, thoughtful and sincere individual and any company would be fortunate in having her as part of their organization.

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